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At VProVantage, we are passionate about future-minded businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who are passionate about their business.

Our goal is to provide counsel and peace of mind using strategies and implementing processes that empower you to focus on what you do best. With over twenty-five years of experience, our team has extensive knowledge across a broad range of industries, from professional services, medical home services and more. Ready to take your business accounting to the next level or move your accounting to the cloud?  VProVantage is the right choice for you.

“VProVantage gives us . . .

1) Confidence (in our books). When I review the numbers to see profit and expenses, labor costs etc, it’s nice to have accurate and current information to rely on.

2) Time savings. Because of VProVantage’s oversight, it’s not required for me to do data entry to keep up with where I am every month.

3) Knowledge. Maria has been very helpful training me in QuickBooks as well.

I highly recommend her company VProVantage. Whatever I need (for my bookkeeping needs,) I call Maria first.

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Maria Vigil’s career path began in high school, when she discovered “fun” in calculus. “It was something that came naturally to me,” she says. “All the assessments I took in high school came up as accountant and actuary as good career choices.”

Maria’s first job was as an Enrolled Actuary and Pension Consultant with the former Coopers & Lybrand, now PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She worked as an actuary for seven years, and then in a family financial services business as Chief Financial Officer for 9 years.

“That’s how I learned to use Quickbooks,” Maria says. “That’s back when Quickbooks was in DOS. I’ve been using Quickbooks almost since Quickbooks was founded.”

After leaving the family business, it wasn’t long before her entrepreneurial spirit led her to work self-employed in tutoring, sales, and she even cleaned fish tanks.  While it wasn’t glamorous, she earned enough to support her family and have the work life balance that was important to her.  It was during that time that the fish tank company became her first bookkeeping client.

Maria launched VProVantage in 2004, enabling her to control her workload and be there for her small children. As her children got older, the business grew and today has four bookkeepers on staff, with more expansion planned in the future.

“Having always been involved in small business, I know how much hard work it is,” Maria says. “You get your first office, your first big client, your first employee . The draw for me is seeing how hard people work. It’s exciting to see people succeed, to see the fruits of their labor. It’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Maria has also designed and implemented retirement plans for large companies, and even helped design the first tuition assistance program in Alabama.

“The crossover is that in general I have a broader understanding of retirement plans,” she says. “For clients who have retirement plans, I’m able to assist with the administration of their plan.”

Maria was born in Mexico to missionary parents and has eight brothers and sisters. When she was 3 the family moved to Metro Atlanta, where she has lived most of her life.

“My parents gave me a solid foundation in my faith,” Maria says. “They always lived their faith. Family was always very important. My grandmother lived with us, and there were always 12 people around the dinner table. My faith has gotten me through some really hard times. I don’t think I would have made it without that solid foundation.”

Maria resides in Metro Atlanta and has four grown children. She says that her children are her greatest accomplishment.  She is a member of St. Gabriel Catholic Church, where she served in the choir and in religious education since her kids were small. She serves on the board of the Business Women of Fayette and Coweta, a non-profit committed to giving back for a better community. Maria enjoys the symphony, fine dining and crochet.